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Cocoa allergy - Cow's milk allergy - Peanut allergy

Cocoa allergy

If you have a cocoa allergy, you are allergic to the protein in cocoa. Carob can be a good alternative. Carob powder is made from the pods of the carob tree (also known as St. John’s-bread) and has a distinctive taste, which means people without a cocoa allergy can also enjoy carob products.

Cocoa butter is sometimes processed in carob products, but because cocoa butter does not contain any (cocoa) proteins, it does not cause any problems for people with cocoa allergy. In our shop you can find various carob products such as ‘chocolate’ bars, sandwich spreads, ‘chocolate’ sprinkles (hagelslag) and candy bars. A well-known brand for carob products is Carobella.

Cocoa and cow's milk allergy

If you are allergic to both cocoa and cow’s milk proteins, you cannot consume carob products in which milk is processed. Carob products from the brand Soyabella offer a solution, because the products do not contain cow’s milk. Soyabella contains no cocoa protein. Instead of milk ingredients, non-genetically manipulated soya meal is used. This gives the bars a deliciously smooth taste.

Peanut allergy

Peanut allergy affects about 0.5% of the Dutch population, especially children. It is a strong allergen that is heat stable. The allergy often remains throughout one’s life, which means that you may not outgrow it. The allergic reactions are very varied, such as itchy skin or hives and shortness of breath. Anaphylaxis may also occur.

In peanut oils a distinction must be made between refined and unrefined (cold-pressed) peanut oil. The latter contains traces of peanut proteins and must be avoided in a peanut-free diet. Moreover it does sometimes happen that the body ‘misinterprets’ soya (products) or lupin (proteins) as peanut proteins. In such a case an allergic reaction also occurs.

A peanut is not a nut but a legume, so sometimes nuts can also be consumed.

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