Tips for organic housekeeping & cleaning

Fresh is not the same as clean

People are often under the impression that a room that is clean must also smell clean. Washing-up liquid is only good if it foams. A bathroom must smell of chlorine and only then is it hygienic and clean. People even sometimes wash fruit and vegetable in soap in the belief that at least some of the chemicals and dirt can be washed off.

All these assumptions are incorrect. But what’s worse: have you ever wondered what the adverse effects chlorine and soap have on health? Read the following for our tips about responsible cleaning and housekeeping.

Our organic cleaning tips

  • Bacteria settle in limescale, so make sure you descale regularly.
  • Even if the washing-up water is no longer foamy, the detergents are still working, so there is no need to keep adding washing-up liquid to the water.
  • It’s easier to get things clean if you first let the cleaning product work in for a time.
  • Change your countertop cloth daily. This is the biggest source of bacteria!
  • Pour boiling water over your dish cloth. It will kill most bacteria.
  • Do you use a dishwasher? Wash your dish cloth in it at the same time.
  • When you clean the toilet, don’t forget to clean the flush knob, the tap and the door knob as well. These collect more bacteria than the toilet seat.
  • You can use an all-purpose cleaner in a plant sprayer to clean the toilet thoroughly. Don’t use chlorine. It only kills bacteria, but it doesn’t clean.
  • Save time if you want to descale the bathroom. After you have showered, spray the walls and the taps with Ecover descaler. After all, steam condenses on doors, walls and taps, so that the limescale is loosened. Dry yourself. After a few minutes take the shower head and rinse off the descaler. Stubborn limescale can be removed with an old toothbrush.
  • Take care not to use too much detergent. Things don’t get any cleaner if you use more. The benefit would be enormous if people didn’t use so much.
  • There is also an Ecover hand soap. It cleans and is soft on your hands, which makes it suitable for people with a sensitive skin. It has a fresh scent, and is plant-based. Hand soap contains Aloe Vera and is pH neutral (pH value 6.0). Moreover, it also has a handy dosing pump.
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