What is organic actually?

And why should you choose it?

Organic means: “Produced with respect for people, animals and the environment.” What does that really mean? Here is our explanation.

Healthier for people

Organic products are cultivated without the use of artificial fertilizers and chemical pesticides. For this reason alone are organic products healthier.

In addition, organic products do not contain chemical or synthetic aromas, colourants or flavourings. There is increasing evidence that such substances can cause allergies and behavioural problems in children.

Organic farming results in a purely natural product. The ingredients have been able to grow completely naturally and have been processed in an entirely natural way. And you can taste it!

Respect for animals and nature

Cows have been able to walk around the pasture, pigs have straw and free range, and chickens (and the eggs too) also get more respect. An ordinary chicken, such as you can find on a children’s farm, does not exist in the poultry industry. Chicken are reared either for their meat or for their eggs. In both cases they are bred to their limit to get the highest yield from the chicken. That does not happen with organic products.

And it doesn’t happen with cucumbers and paprika either. Everything gets the time it needs to grow naturally, to mature and ripen to full flavour. Tomatoes are not grown on a kind of rock wool, but with their roots in the soil.

Better for the environment

In organic farming nature is not disturbed by chemical pesticides. Because no artificial fertilizers are used and all animal manure is recycled back to the land, there is no manure surplus. Organic farming is good for nature.

But organic products too come from our (polluted) world where we have to be sparing in our consumption. Fortunately the law regulates when products can be labelled “organic”. It is a legally protected term that cannot be used just any old how. That’s why there are the quality marks: a product is only certified organic if it has a quality mark.

Healthy food comes from a healthy agricultural system.

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