Organic bread

Zonnemaire - Steinofen - De Consequente BioBakker Ahaus

Begin the day with a delicious organic sandwich or an organic croissant. That’s just what we aim to do: Nutritious products (for different diets too) which provide a good basis of wholemeal grain that does not contain any unnecessary additives, flour improver, or milk and egg of course.

Zonnemaire / Biologische Bakkerij Ad van der Westen

Every day we have fresh organic bread from the bakery Zonnemaire (van der Westen) from Waspik. In the middle of the night the bread is delivered to us so that at 9 o’clock you can be sure of a delicious organic slice of bread or a roll for your breakfast or for an organic lunch.

Our range consists of bread raised with yeast, as is common in the Netherlands, but also with desem (also known as sourdough). Desem bread is characterized by a different way of rising, as has long been traditional in Germany: it results in a deliciously compact bread with a slightly sour taste. Extremely nutritious and very popular.

The bread is mostly made from organic wheat (or biodynamic wheat in the case of Celtic bread), but in addition we have a fine range of organic spelt bread. Kamut bread and rye bread are available and we have options for different diets such as gluten-free bread, lactose-free bread, low-carb bread, saltless (low sodium) bread, etc. Just ask us about every possibility. No diet is too much for us.

We have our own oven in which we bake our own range of bread. Every day, at every moment in the day, fresh crispy bread, warm from our own oven. The range of bread we bake changes regularly, so surprise yourself in the shop! We also bake some of our pastries and savoury snacks. For example, apple flaps or turnovers, cherry flaps, long raisin pastries, oatmeal raisin cookies, brownies, chocolate chip cookies, vegetarian sausage rolls, tempeh rolls, seitan rolls, etc. It is also possible to order fresh pastries from our baker, from organic cherry vla (flan) to carrot cake. Please come in and look in our pastry folder. You will see photos and all the ingredients.

In our weekly offers you will find at least 4 different types of bread: 2 yeast breads and 2 desem breads.

Steinofen Bäckerei

Besides our fine Dutch bread, we also have bread from Steinofen Bäckerei from Germany. Deliciously typically compact and nutritious German bread. Various types of wheat bread are available, and also spelt, kamut and rye bread are in their range. Fresh every day.

De Consequente BioBakker Ahaus

30 years ago this bakery was established with ecology as its starting point. Baking according to time-old tradition, machines help, but don’t take over. They still do much of the work by hand, simply because the quality of baking and the taste are best. Good bread and pastries begin with good ingredients: qualitatively good organic ingredients. So their bakers are proud of their work: you can see it and you can taste it!

Time, alongside the ingredients and craftsmanship, is their most important ‘additive’. The BioBakker grinds their own flour on site from wholemeal grain; ever since the start in 1980. Wholemeal bread is made from the whole grain. They stand consistently by this ancient process! That’s the way it was, that’s how it is and that’s how it will be!

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