Floris organic greetings cards

Nature's greetings

The greetings cards from Floris Recycled Stationery have been a household word for years. Floris makes greetings cards, all kinds of writing materials and gifts from recycled paper. They then sell to stores and other distributors. They make their products from waste paper. Everything is printed using ink based on vegetable oil (linseed oil and soya oil).

Floris says: “We have a very clean manufacturing process: no foil printing, no UV foil. It’s not only our environment that’s so special for Floris, so are our customers, employees and supplier. Indeed, we all feel united by the sense that every little thing that we do for nature, we actually do for all of us .”

Floris’s company logo states: ““help immer, kwets nimmer (Always help, never hurt)”. What do they do to realize this goal? In their daily work they follow these practices:

  • Products are made from waste paper.
  • The ink is based on vegetable oil (linseed oil and soya oil).
  • Products are assembled by handicapped people.
  • 10% of their profits go to free hospitals for poor Indian farmers.

You will find a floor spinner with Floris cards in our store. For more information check out www.floris.nl.

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