Yarrah organic pet food

100% organic food for dogs and cats.

When you make a conscious choice to eat healthily yourself, why not choose to give your pet healthy food too? Yarrah is the top brand in Europe producing 100% organic dog food and cat food. Yarrah products have been on the market since 1992 and are manufactured according to strict organic regulations using the best ingredients. Yarrah: A better life!

The range comprises wet food in cans and alu dishes, dry food in bags, also in large bags, snacks, and even cat litter. For more information click on www.yarrah.nl.

Animal welfare

One of the most important core values of Yarrah, as a producer of organic pet food, is animal welfare.

Poultry, cattle and fish form the basis of their premium pet food. Yarrah thinks it is crucial that these animals are treated with respect. Organic livestock farming guarantees that poultry and cattle have enough room to move around and grow. Since the regulations around organic fish farming do not meet the standards Yarrah sets for animal welfare, Yarrah switched to MSC fish (certified sustainable fishery) in February 2011.

Yarrah disapproves of animal testing under any circumstances. The pet food is not tested on caged animals and Yarrah certainly makes no use of invasive test techniques. This has consequences for health claims. Yarrah cannot claim through test results that a product carries particular health benefits. Fortunately, there are enough very satisfied customers of Yarrah who would love to do that.

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