Organic cheese


We are most proud of our cheese counter. Every day we cut fresh organic cheese and vacuum-seal them ourselves so that you can be sure of a good product with a long shelf-life. Vegetarian cheeses are our focus, but a few farmer’s cheeses or foreign speciality cheeses can contain animal rennet. Feel free to ask.

Organic Gouda cheese

Think of the typical delicious organic Gouda cheeses (made from cow’s milk): young (jong), semi-mature (jong belegen), mature (belegen), extra mature (extra belegen), or old (oud). We also have various herbal cheeses: nettle, basil-garlic, fenugreek (organic fenugreek is a delectable herb with a slightly walnutty taste), cumin, Italian mixed spices (basil, oregano, rosemary, etc.), wild garlic, etc. And naturally we also have a wide range of Gouda cheeses made from organic goat’s milk or organic sheep’s milk: from young to old, with or without herbs.

Organic mold-cultured cheeses

In addition, we have cheeses cured with fungal spores: cheeses with a culture of white fungus (organic brie, Machedoux, Camembert), cheeses with a blue fungus (Brabandse blauwe, Roquefort, Gorgonzola, Korenbloem, Blue Bear), and cheeses with a red fungus (Charmeux, l’Hirondelle, Brie rouge, Reade jutter).

Also ...

We also have organic Parmesan cheese, Piccorino, Gruyère, Bergkäse, Comté, Morbier, Cheddar, Emmentaler, cheese spread, cream cheeses, and a fresh weekly cheese offer that you can also come and taste.

Demeter cheese ( Biodynamic )

Regularly we stock biodynamic quality cheeses (Demeter quality). The range we can offer depends on the season.

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