Organic dried fruit, legumes and beans

Nature's source of energy

So tasty for a party or when you’re travelling. With cold or hot meals, or just as it comes ... we have a wide range of organic dried and semi-tropical fruit, legumes and beans.

Organic dried and semi-tropical fruit

Our range includes: organic unsweetened apricots, plums, mango slices, unsweetened raisins and figs. Mostly in small packs, but some fast sellers are also available in big packs for the enthusiast.

Organic legumes and beans

We have a wide range of organic legumes. In dry form we stock: brown beans, peas, split peas, lentils (red, green, brown, mountain), soya beans, red kidney beans, chickpeas, adzuki beans, white beans, and mung beans.

In jars or cans we have, among others, chickpeas, white beans, mixed beans, peas, and lentils. You can eat them directly from the jar or can, there is no need to cook them first: that makes them handy. If you want to make a delectable organic (vegetarian) meal you can come a long way with dried legumes.

Highly nutritious because legumes are high in carbohydrates, proteins, B-group vitamins, iron, fibre, and you get plenty of energy from them (Adzuki beans).

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