Organic meat, cold meats & fish

Beef - Pork - Chicken - Lamb - Cold meats - Sausage - Salmon

To complete our range of products, we can’t leave meat out. We have organic meat of various kinds: organic beef (e.g. minced meat, beef tartare, hamburgers, sausages, beef chunks, braising beef, steak, entrecote, pepper steak, roast beef, shin of beef, schnitzel, beef olives, stewing steak, etc.), organic pork (e.g. minced pork, sausages, meat balls, chops, cutlets, cured side of pork, hams, shawarma, loin chops, etc.), organic chicken (e.g. chicken breast, soup chicken, chicken legs, wings, schnitzel, chicken frikandel, saté, nuggets, hamburger, carbonnade, sausages, shawarma, etc.), organic lamb (e.g. minced lamb, leg of lamb, shin of lamb, cutlets, shawarma, etc.) and organic turkey such as turkey breast, minced turkey, and slivers of turkey.

Organic cold meats

We also have a range of organic cold meats, such as cervelat, various types of bacon, types of luncheon meat, ham shank, fillet, salted beef, cured ham, shoulder ham, smoked meats, etc.

Organic sausage & worst

A true delicacy is organic chorizo. And to add to our range we also have organic smoked sausage, bacon chunks, sausage spread, and various kinds of paté.

Organic fish

Our offer of organic fish is limited. We have recently begun to stock deep-frozen fillet of salmon which has an organic label. Only farmed fish can be organic, because only then is there sufficient control over the process.

Other kinds of fish can be ordered: trout, salmon, herring, cod, mackerel, and plaice fillets.

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