Nutritious snacks, Nature's sweets and organic cookies

Organic and healthy alternatives when you're feeling peckish

Healthy snack bars

Tempted by super-tasty snacks and sweets? Then you’ve come to the right place. No, we don’t have any organic Mars bars, bio Snickers or EKO Twix. But what we do have are tasty, nutritious snacks such as muesli bars, sesame snacks, oatmeal cookies, gingerbread, etc. Just the thing for an organic snacks on the go.

Organic sweets and cookies

We also have a range of delicious sweets and cakes in the shop, just what you need with that well-deserved cup of coffee or tea for your visitors and yourself of course. Think of our Dutch short biscuits, peanut cookies, Zeeland wafers, etc. Naturally you have a choice between cookies with sugar (using organic cane sugar) or without sugar (sweetened with organic grain syrups).

Organic cakes

Everyday we bake a number of different cakes ourselves: cherry flaps, chocolate chip cookies, long raisin pastries, etc. In addition, you can also order fresh pastries from our baker, from organic cherry flan (vla) to carrot cake. Feel free to look through our folder, and see the photos and all the ingredients.

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