Organic tea

is natural tea

Organic tea is pure, natural tea. With only pure ingredients and no additives. The ingredients are cultivated in a controlled organic environment and the production techniques are based on the natural cycles which maintain the fertility of the soil. Weeds are controlled in a natural way and farmers use organic compost which is often made from the land waste. The tea plantations retain the original vegetation as far as possible to protect the soil and the tea plants.

Black tea

Black tea is the best known variety of tea and is also known as fermented tea. After the harvest, the leaves are dried and rolled. Rolling releases juices and starts the fermentation process. This changes the colour of the leaves from green to orangey-yellow or red-brown and results in the characteristic aroma of black tea.

Green tea

Green tea is close to nature. Like black tea, green tea also comes from the tea shrub Camellia Sinensis. It is only the processing that is different. The tea leaves are only very slightly fermented or not at all. Green tea has a characteristic bitter after-taste. To reduce this bitterness to a minimum, we recommend you let the tea water cool down for a few minutes before putting the tea in the hot water.

Herbal tea

One of the most popular herbal teas is rooibos or red bush tea. Rooibos tea is made from the young twigs and needles of the broom-like shrub Aspalathus Linearis. This shrub grows only in the Western Cape province of South Africa. The plant is green, but at the moment this dies off, it turns a spectacular fire-red colour. Hence the name rooibos, which in Afrikaans literally means red bush. Rooibos tea has a strong aroma and full flavour, it contains no theine (caffeine) and it has a low tannin content. This means that the tea does not change taste and colour the longer you leave it. In addition to rooibos tea we have very many delicious organic herbal infusions and specialized Ayurvedic blends. With refined and unique tastes. Created by herb experts. Herbal tea is most suitable if you wish to reduce caffeine consumption.

White tea

White tea is a subtle, pure tea, made from the youngest leaves of the tea bush. Harvesting white tea has to be done precisely at the right time. Only on a few days per year can the white tea be harvested, when the dew lies on the fields and the buds are still closed. If you wait longer and the rainy season begins, the buds open into leaves and they don’t create the specific taste of white tea. The aroma and taste are very subtle. The tea yields the taste of flowers and also sweet sensations of grass and hay.

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