Organic vegetable juices and fruit juices

Experience the taste of Nature

Made from fruit and vegetables that have been given the time to grow and only harvested and processed when the fruit is fully ripe and the vegetables are at their best, full of aroma and flavour. The choice is enormous. We can help you choose your way.

Our 100% organic or biodynamic fruit and vegetable juices have a full, authentic taste. Only pure, freshly pressed fruit and vegetable juices that are unsweetened and without any additives go into the bottle or the pack. Fruit and vegetables contain many essential nutrients that partly remain in all the colourful organic juices which you can on our shelves. Tasty (naturally cloudy) juices, full of pieces of juicy pulp, to really enjoy.

Vegetable juices are less sweet and contain in general even more valuable nutrients than fruit juices. Beetroot juice is especially loved by sportsmen and women. Some of our vegetable juices are lactic acid fermented. Lactic acid bacteria ferment the natural sugars in the juice into lactic acid, resulting in a tangy, slightly acidic taste to the juice.

Juice concentrate

Juice concentrate is nothing more and nothing less than the concentrated juice of organic fruit. Nothing is added to this fruit juice, only something is removed: namely water. The sweet taste comes from the natural sugars that are present in the fruit. The pure character of this delectable thirst quencher makes it suitable for everyone. Juice concentrate tastes naturally delicious in yoghurt, as pancake filling or as a sugar substitute in a recipe.

Functional juices are pure juices made from organic fruit varieties such as plums, cranberries and other berries that naturally contain high quantities of bio-active compounds. Good for your body when it can do with that little extra healthy something, as supplement to your daily fruit intake, or simply because it’s so delicious.

Traditional juices (Oersap)

Also known as grandma’s juice, these are made from organic berries that are naturally rich in bio-active compounds. The berries have a naturally low sugar content and contain relatively many tannins, which make them quite acidic. Traditional juice is unsweetened and undiluted, which most people do not drink directly, but mix with water, apple juice or juice concentrate.


Naturally made from unsprayed fruit. Mixing the syrup with still or sparkling mineral water gives you a marvellous thirst quencher. Of course, syrups are also ideal for making delicious cakes or ices. To make fruit juice concentrate, the organic fruit is first pressed and then the pure juice is concentrated. This means that water is removed before the juice is transported and so less transport is needed. Later water is added again. In addition to 100% pure juice, you can also choose juices based on fruit juice concentrate, in handy tetrapaks or minipacks for when you are travelling. Orange juice, apple juice, but also very many exotic tastes such as pear-passion fruit or multi-fruit.

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