Organic wine & Biodynamic wine

Nature's conviviality

We are proud of our organic wines. Wines from grapes that have ripened under the full sun, the warmth and the attention of their growers. Naturally the vines have grown in rich soil, without chemical pesticides and so they are full of flavour.

Red, white and rosé, with or without bubbles, from traditional European wine-producing countries, but also from South Africa, Chile and Argentina. Organic or Demeter-quality. Whatever you are looking for, we can warmly recommend all our wines.

And if you find it difficult to choose from all these different wines? You can always ask one of our shop staff for good advice on the best wine that fits your purposes. And you can also use our wine advisor (onze wijnwijzer). Each wine in our shop is allocated a wine code. You can find the interpretation of these codes in the board above the wine racks. So it is immediately clear what you can expect of a wine and with which meals it will taste especially delectable. This makes the choice somewhat easier and more fun.

Very many of our wines have been recommended as Omfietswijn 2016 by Nicolaas Klei or have been selected in Harold Hamersma’s De Grote Hamersma of 2016. Here we select a few:

Azimut Cava brut nature

As a festive aperitif, and it also goes well with tapas.

Omfietswijn in Nicolaas Klei’s Omfietswijngids 2016.

Quaderna Via Initium Navarra

“The cheeky fruit itself. The sweetness of cherries. Blackcurrants at their sharpest. Silky tannins and deliciously tender. No kidding.” – Harold Hamersma, wine writer.

Recommended with vegetarian dishes, pasta, poultry and grilled meat.

Score: 8 in De Grote Hamersma 2016 and Omfietswijn 2016 in Nicolaas Klei’s Omfietswijngids 2016.

Camino Blanco

A fine lively summer wine. Recommended with poultry, light starters and salads.

Omfietswijn 2016 in Nicolaas Klei’s Omfietswijngids 2016.

Camino Tinto

This Tinto is fruity, you can taste both plums and strawberries, but also pepper and licorice. It is friendly and accessible. Recommended with beef, salads, pasta dishes and pizza.

Score: 8 in De Grote Hamersma 2016 and Omfietswijn 2016 in Nicolaas Klei’s Omfietswijn Guide 2016.

La Meseta La Mancha airen sauvignon blanc

Crisp dry white wine from the native Airen grape supplemented with the renowned Sauvignon blanc grape. The wine is delectably fresh and has a distinctly fruity aftertaste.

Recommended with fish (salmon, tuna and wolffish) but also with chicken and turkey.

Score: 7.5 in De Grote Hamersma 2016.

Parra Jiménez Merlot

Parra Jiménez is a traditional family enterprise. On the Spanish plains in La Mancha the 3 brothers Francisco, Javier and Luis Parra, together with winemaker Diego Fernandez Pons, invest all their passion into producing the most delectable organic wine of high quality. In 1993 they decided to adopt organic farming methods, which at that time was almost unheard of in La Mancha. In 1996 the first official organic harvest was a fact.

Recently Parra has been granted the Demeter quality rating for biodynamic wine production. They see the farm as an organism, where elements that are foreign to the business need to be avoided. They strive for a closed farming cycle (for example by bringing pruning and grape residues back to the vineyard in the form of compost). The growth of the vines is closely aligned with the natural rhythm of the sun, moon and the planets. Besides organic fertilizer they use biodynamic preparations to sustain and bolster the vitality of the vines.

Recommended with beef, seasoned dishes and strong cheeses.

Score: 7.5 in De Grote Hamersma 2016 and as Omfietswijn 2016 in Nicolaas Klei’s Omfietswijngids 2016.

Natuvin House wine red

Smooth red fruit and so easily accessible, everyman’s friendly wine. A litre of house wine with body and spices, pure and clean. A litre of house wine as house wine litres are meant to be.

Recommended with simple meals such as spaghetti bolognese or salami.

Omfietswijn 2016 in Nicolaas Klei’s Omfietswijngids 2016.

Domaine Bassac Merlot

Friendly Merlot. The Domaine Bassac Merlot gives you the flavours of warm ripe berries and summer plums, and has mild tannins. Fine well-rounded, fleshy wine as you’d expect from a Merlot. Organically natural, made by the brothers Delhon from the Languedoc in the South of France.

Recommended with light meat dishes or pasta.

Score: 8 in De Grote Hamersma 2016.

Ycaro Chardonnay Reserva

This Chardonnay is a wine with hints of pear, pineapple, almonds and walnuts. Recommended with pork, salmon, tuna, poultry and vegetarian dishes.

Score: 7.5 in De Grote Hamersma 2016.


Organic wine guide

For white wine

  1. Dry & crisp
    Chilled as aperitif, with salads or fish dishes
  2. Fruity & rounded
    With chicken, vegetarian and lightly seasoned dishes
  3. Semi-sweet & sweet
    With Eastern dishes, desserts or as aperitif

For red wine

  1. Fruity & crisp
    Chilled with main-course salads or with chicken and turkey
  2. Smooth & rounded
    With meat, small game and Mediterranean dishes
  3. Powerful & robust
    Delicious with stews, game and strong cheeses
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