Organic jam, syrups, spreads, chocolate spread, Tartex...

...and more of Nature's fillings for your bread and sandwich

Organic jam

As if our bread were already not tasty enough to eat just as it comes, we also offer a wide variety of jams, fillings, and spreads. How about our range of organic and sugar-free jams? All made with delicious pure organic ingredients without any added sugar. Jams from strawberry to fig. Sweetened with grape or apple juice. Because nature is already sweet enough.

Organic syrups (stroop)

We stock a wide range of various syrups (stroop) such as apple syrup, peer syrup, but also date syrup, rice syrup, barley syrup, corn (maize) syrup, and cane sugar syrup. Delicious on your bread, but also for baking as a sugar substitute in dishes.

Tartex sandwich spreads

Our range of organic (vegetarian) savoury sandwich spreads is enormous. The German organic brand Tartex makes the most delectable spreads for your bread: the natural variety already appeals to the youngest among us (babies from 0+) because of its deliciously soft taste. But Tartex also has a whole range of scrumptious spicy varieties such as Mexicana or Hungarian. For the daredevil, why not try apple/horseradish or beetroot. Strange but so delicious.

Organic chocolate spread

Chocolate spreads with or without sugar for the little ones, but even adults also dip their finger in this pot. Heavenly!

Organic nut spreads

Our range of nut spreads does us proud! Pure organic nut spreads for your slice of bread, sandwich or on toast, such the well-known organic peanut butter of course. But don’t forget spreads and pastes with almonds, sunflower seeds, tahini (sesame seeds), cashew nuts, or hazelnuts, and there’s also mixed nut spread.

There are a number of salt-free (low salt) varieties and also some unroasted or peeled nut spreads that are excellent with a warm meal because of their creamy taste. Think about a delicious pasta dish with white almond spread or a rice curry dish with white tahini.

Organic honey

The range of honeys we offer is very extensive. All our honey is organic. This means that the honey is extracted at a maximum of 40 degrees Celsius (so no unnecessary heating) and the bees are not fed with sugar. This gives a delicious, pure honey. We don’t have Dutch organic honey simply because it doesn’t exist. The Netherlands is too small. Bees need a good 6 kilometres to fly freely and there must be no flowers or plants that have been sprayed within this circle.

Everything about honey

Alles over honing

A unique product is the French honey made by the Limburg beekeeper Stefan van Berben. He moved specially to France so that he could made organic honey and set up his venture in the Dordogne, an exclusive and beautiful part of France.

Ons assortiment honing
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