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La Source de Miel - Pierre Ache - De 3 Wilgen

Most definitely we support the local farmers and producers. Check out below a small selection of our range of regional products.

La Source de Miel

French honey produced by the Limburg apiarist Stefan Berben. This beekeeper moved expressly to France so that he could make organic honey. For more information see

Pierre Ache

Specialized in organic and biodynamic wines full of character. At Pierre Ache you’ve come to the right place for wines with character made by passionate winemakers who use their craftsmanship and respect for nature to make wine. Twenty-five years of wine-tasting – and drinking – has convinced Peter Hekkers (of Pierre Ache wines) that well made organic and biodynamic wines in particular give a great deal of wine pleasure. It’s great to see so many wine-lovers are enthusiastic about these wines.

Wine professionals also value the quality, for instance the wine magazine Perswijn and Hubrecht Duijker. We have 5 wines from Pierre Ache in our range: Cuvée Cecile white (fruity), Cuvée Cecile red (supple), Le 5 Montpeyroux (full-bodied red wine), Les Petits Dragons (full-bodied red wine) and Montpeyroux (full-bodied red wine). Outstanding quality wines! For more information see

Ons complete wijn assortiment

De 3 Wilgen

For delicious fruit juice you have to choose De Drie Wilgen. It is not only the most delectable juice but also extremely healthy because all De Drie Wilgen juices are one hundred percent pure organic, freshly pressed and without any added sugar. You can choose from a range of more than twenty flavours, juices from apple-cherry to apple-apricot and rose hip-orange.

The basis for most of their mixed juices comes from using a good mix of apples from dwarf and standard tree varieties from different regions of Belgium. The apples are naturally sweet which means no sugars need be added. Rhubarb and red currants also come from the same region. To develop the wide range of exotic juices, they import oranges from Brazil, apricots from France, grapes from Sicily, elderberry from Germany, pineapple from China, blueberries from Poland and cranberries from Canada. In Belgium, all the juices are pasteurized, bottled and provided with the legally recognized guaranteed organic label.

Fruit juice from De Drie Wilgen is the most delicious thirst quencher in the region. For more information see

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